Find the best way to own a car

Car subscription, lease or buy - which one is right for you?


Car ownership - it’s a YOU thing.

Since there is no one size fits all solution for getting a vehicle, we help you figure out the best way to access a car.

Compare and find out what will work best for you — be it leasing, subscription, car sharing, long term renting or simply buying. We can help you define what you need, ask the right questions, and get the perfect car within your budget.

Subscribe, lease or buy?


Car subscriptions

For a monthly fee, you get a car directly from your smartphone, and when you get bored with that vehicle, you can return it and pick another one from the fleet of your provider. Fee many times includes insurance, warranty and others.

Find out if subscription is for you


Car Ownership Options


The best way to own a vehicle is often shaped by our preferences for pricing, driving habits, lifestyle, or desire for turnkey services. But before we get there, let’s see what your options are. Even though there are variations, the main different ones will be car subscriptions, longer term rentals, ride sharing, leasing and of course purchasing a vehicle.

Car buying

The obvious choice for car ownership has benefits and drawbacks.

Car Leasing

Looking to drive the newer car models on the market with smaller monthly payment.

Car subscription

Low commitment and convenient access to a variety of vehicles.


Car Rental

Monthly, daily, hourly. Car rental can be an ownership alternative for some.

Ride Share

No worries about parking or maintenance for the occasional weekly drive.